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How to make the perfect Instagram for your business

Whether you are handling a well-established brand or you are starting your own small business, an effective marketing strategy is always an integral part to make your business grow. Without a good platform to promote your products or services, it would be hard to spread awareness about your brand and attract potential customers. Luckily, small business owners do not need a giant billboard or a costly promotion in newspapers, magazines, or television. We are lucky enough that we are in a digital age where we can efficiently utilize the power of the Internet and social media.

Everyone is now engaged with their mobile devices and all of them have access to social media, giving a great advantage to business owners to easily reach their target market.  It is ideal for business owner to build their own social media pages for their brand. Not only it allows them to boost their engagement with their customers but it can also be an effective platform to know what the customers are saying about your business. In addition to that, you can use social media for advertising, promotional giveaways, and more.

Instagram, for instance, is a great social media platform to promote your brand and it is just right to make your profile visually appealing to attract more customers and expand your reach. Listed below are things you can do to make a perfect Instagram for your business.


Set a goal and Know your Target Audience

When building an Instagram page for your business, it is important that you know why you are using Instagram in the first place. A small business owner should set a goal and must identify his or her target audience. Determine your demographics and create content that they might find appealing. Set a certain goal and stick to it until you find progress. Decide whether you want to focus first on increasing brand awareness or you want to invest in building and expanding your community. Instagram comes with a great number of business-centric tools to help you track your progress and allow you to advertise your brand to boost your reach.

Optimize your Instagram Profile

Just like how you build a resume, you must also showcase your business’s strengths and let people know how your brand differs from the rest. The only way to do so is by optimizing your Instagram Profile. This is the first thing that will catch their attention so make sure that you make a good first impression. Establish a catchy and meaningful logo that will give your brand its own identity. To top it all off, make your profile more inviting by adding a great description that will highlight the best information about your brand or company. The platform, apparently, allotted 150 characters for the description area so make sure you make the most out of it. In addition to that, your Instagram Profile is the only place where you can add a link. Input your company’s website so you can prompt them to visit our webpage and get more detailed information about the brand.

Learn About Aesthetics

Instagram is all about photos and you have to make sure that all your content is visually appealing to your customers. Upload photos that are high in quality. Knowledge of using photo editor software is definitely a great advantage. However, Instagram is more than just posting random photos. For brands, it is all about aesthetics. You must pay attention to your color palette and make sure to remain faithful to it. Doing so will give your brand a unique personality. This will also encourage them to increase engagement as they will most likely get tempted to scroll your Instagram page.

Make Sure to Update Your Page Regularly

If you know how the Instagram algorithm works, then you should know how important it is to update your page regularly. Keep in mind that the Instagram users’ feed is merely based on their past and recent activities and engagement. It means that if a user visits an Instagram profile frequently, the page will most likely appear on top of their IG page. Therefore, posting regularly will help your business page show up in people’s feeds, giving them more chances to engage with you. You can also schedule your posts to target those hours where you most likely get higher engagements.

Take Advantage of the Hashtags

To keep your brand relevant, you must be aware of the latest viral hashtags that will surely boost your reach. First of all, the main purpose of adding hashtags to your posts is to categorize your content easily. However, studies suggest that hashtags can drastically increase interaction. It also keeps you updated on the latest trend, allowing you to have more ideas on how you can effectively promote or showcase your brand on Instagram.

Engage with Your Followers

Instagram is considered a social media platform, giving users and creators a chance to socialize. On this platform, users have the ability to express their thoughts, suggestions, and reactions through comments. As you gain more followers and as your online community started to expand, it is your responsibility to stay in touch with them. It is important to keep your page responsive, especially when it comes to inquiries. Leaving these inquiries unattended will only make them lose interest in your brand.

Use the Instagram Insights

Lastly, you have to pay attention to Instagram’s technicality. Always check your Instagram Insights to see how your page is doing. Instagram Insight is a special feature for Instagram Business Page accounts that allows creators and brands to monitor and analyze their progress. Using the data provided by Insights, you can easily identify your demographics. It shows you what content they like the most and what they like less. From here, you can improve your posts to possibly boost engagements.

Instagram is indeed an excellent platform to promote your business. It allows you to expand your reach or spread awareness about the new brand that you are trying to establish. However, the effectiveness of this marketing strategy still depends on how determined you are to reach your desired audience. By applying these tips and tricks, you might get a desirable result.

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