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frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free initial consultation?
Yes we do. We will spend up to one (1) hour free of charge to learn about your business and what you are trying to achieve. We will also provide you with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This way, all of your information will be kept and remain confidential.
How much does a new website cost?
This will depend on the functionality that you are seeking for your business. We will provide you a free quote for a new website once we have obtained all of the details from you.
Do I have any input in the process of building my new Website?
Absolutely !!! It is very important that you are involved. We do not like to be ‘mind readers’ and we focus on client communication. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve with your new website, then can make suggestions. We believe that clients should be involved in all aspects of their new website. This saves everyone time and makes for a better final product.
What is Website Content and Why is it so important?
Website content is vital. This not only gives your website visitors information it also is providing you with an organic way to be found via search engine (search). The more content you website has, the more opportunities it can be discovered without paying for keywords.
How often should I add new blog content to my website?
There are tens of millions (plus) websites that have blogs on them. There are mover than 4 million individual blog posts per day. If you have the budget, you should add at least 5 blog posts per week. Remember, blogs are an investment into your business and your website. The more website content you have, your chances increase of getting organic visitors to learn about your product or service.
Do I really need digital marketing for my business ?
Every business needs some type of digital marketing, having a Website is not enough to get noticed.  Online traffic is one of the most competitive spaces  – you have to make sure your product or service gets noticed.  Promoting your website is extremely important for customer acquisition.
What is the difference between PPC and SEO?
PPC aka Pay-Per-Click is designed to drive website users to your site that is paid for. If for example you have seen on Google search something that says ‘ad’ next to it – if you click it, that is a PPC advertisement. SEO aka Search Engine Optimization is when you are getting users to your website  in an organic way. Your website blog has rich web content and users are finding your site via search, yet not on a PPC basis. PPC does not have a long lasting effect compared to SEO, since PPC is just an ad campaign.
Why is SEO important for every website?
SEO is important to your website because of the visibility and online presence that is required in today’s landscape. In other words if you have 50 websites that all do the same thing, what differentiator does your website have compared to others? Speed, Content, Structure – these are all very important to increase your search ranking. The higher you are in search, the less you are paying for external marketing.
What is a business consultant?
As business consultants we can assess your business and recommend changes. You might need help with Marketing, Sales Training, Policy and Procedures. Despite how much experience you may or may not have – asking an independent person to help assess your business can help you uncover items you may have forgotten about or never knew existed. We have a vast amount of business experience in different industries that can be a great help to your venture.
Should my business have social media accounts?
Yes, every business should have social media accounts. The plus side to having social media accounts is it free advertising. The downside is everyone is on social media and fighting for the audience. Having a social media strategy could help increase your customer base.
Do I have to be local to you in order to hire your company?
No, you do not have to be local. We work with clients throughout the United Stated.
Do you only build Websites using WordPress?
We can build a website using WordPress. However, we also do build PHP websites as well.  Depending on the functionality of your website will determine the best frame work and direction for your new website. Every new website we feel should be customized to suit your business needs.
How long will it take to get a new website?
Similar to asking what a new website cost, the amount of time to build a new website will be based on the features and functionality. In addition, existing work in queue can affect delivery times. However, we strive to deliver excellent work in a time frame that is achievable. Smaller projects at times can be delivered with two (2) weeks and larger website builds that are extremely complex can take much longer.
Do you host websites or can tell me where its should be hosted?
We always suggest that a client should have their own hosting for their website. We are more than happy to suggest hosting companies. This gives the client more control of their website hosting. However, if you do not want to be bothered with your own website hosting – we can host it for you.
How long should an average blog post be?
You can ask 20 experts this question and you will most likely hear different answers. However, what everyone does agree on is ‘the more the better’. At a minimum we suggest 500 words and it is suggested for always aiming above 1000 words.
Do I need a professional website content creator or blogger?
A professional can help with many different aspects of blogging for your website. They can suggest topics, conduct research and more importantly make sure you are using proper key words (and meta-data).  Website content is a combination of SEO practices as well as being creative while being relevant (with your blog topics). If you have experience with writing and feel you can blog yourself – by all means you can give it a try.
What is SEO and what does it mean?
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This helps optimize your website for specific keywords  – this is in part how someone is going to find you online.
How quick could I see website users from SEO results?
SEO takes time and patience. Its not a quick overnight success. Anyone that tells you that you can expect to see results within a short period of time is lying to you. Results from SEO can take months and the amount of efforts invested can also have an effect on expectations. For example, someone who is posting 1 blog post per week cannot expect to have the same results as someone who is adding 5 blogs per week to their website. Blogging should be part of any businesses marketing efforts and should be posting on a weekly basis.
Do you invest money in your clients companies?
We do not invest in any of our client’s ventures.  Our position is we are available on a ‘for hire’ basis.
Can you manage my business social media accounts?
The first step to social media  is establishing which ones are best suited for your business. There different social media accounts that be a benefit to your business and others might not. Once it is established what social media accounts are best for you, we are more than happy to discuss if it makes sense for us to manage your accounts. We do encourage customers to do their own social media posting if they have the time for it.

Please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.